News • Aug. 2, 2021

Practice Announcement Regarding Teleradiology

To our RDVM,

We are writing to share the news that, effective August 1, Northwest Veterinary Imaging will be split into two practices, teleradiology and ultrasound.

Our teleradiology practice will merge with IDEXX Telemedicine. Recent growth in the DICOM caseload has presented a significant challenge to the practice. Steve has shouldered the bulk of this burden and, despite bringing Bob back from semi-retirement for additional support, has been unable to restore a sustainable work-life balance. Steve and Julie have three teenagers who are growing up far too quickly, and spending time with them is too important to miss.

After an extensive evaluation of potential solutions, we chose to partner with IDEXX, because we are comfortable that the ever-growing needs of our teleradiology practice are best addressed with the expertise IDEXX provides. Beyond offering 24/7/365 support to its requesting veterinarians, IDEXX is a global leader in teleradiology and information technology. The radiology team includes many of the specialty’s preeminent radiologists and is well-known for its culture of collegiality and collaboration. Steve, along with several members of our team, will be joining the telemedicine group and are excited to become part of this unparalleled community of radiologists.

The NWVI ultrasound practice will continue as an independent entity. We offer a newly remodeled and expanded facility, staffed by experienced DVM sonographers, to receive your patients in Mountlake Terrace. Steve’s greatest imaging love has always been ultrasound and he values the everyday interactions with our referring veterinarians. He will continue to provide mobile ultrasounds and looks forward to being able to devote more of his professional time to doing what he enjoys.

While the separation of the teleradiology business is a big change for us and for our referring veterinary community, we believe that our alliance with IDEXX will provide better service for our teleradiology clients and will enable the ultrasound practice to grow, ensuring that these important diagnostic services remain available and affordable for the pets in our community.

Both the IDEXX and the NWVI teams will be here to support you during this period of transition. An IDEXX representative will be contacting you during the upcoming weeks to discuss the next steps. Our goal is to complete this transition by September 1st.

Please do not hesitate to reach out should you have any questions or concerns. We have truly appreciated the opportunity to work with you and are humbled by the trust you have placed in us and by your loyal support of the practice. We wish each of you the very best and look forward to our continued relationship with you.


Steve Pokorny, VMD DACVR and Julie Irwin, VMD
— Practice Owners

Bob Kramer, DVM DACVR
— NWVI Emeritus and Transition Advisor